Pankcake Fever

Alright! The Providence Roller Derby Rat babies sent me a most thoughtful gift for the season– a cookbook. My new venture: Veganomicon, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero. It looks like one of the most comprehensive vegan cookbooks. Curiously, on the inside cover there was, written on a neon orange post-it, “We got you this book obviously, so you can make vegan cheesecake for your green ninjas on our westward adventures.” I truly hope that means I will be getting some visitors soon!
On Christmas day I woke up with pancake fever and turned to page 76 of this book. Although the recipe I followed was for blueberry corn pancakes, for which I did not have bluberries or corn flour, I was still able to assemble a delicious batter and an even more scrumptous pile of cinnamon and vanilla infused flapjacks.
When I was first studying fashion I was told, “it is not what you wear but how you wear it,” additionally this formula can be adapted to many things, for example, “its not what you say, its how you say it,” and in this instance, “its not what you eat, its how you eat it.”
This is how I ate my pancakes.
There were 5 very large pancakes. The first one was given a modest layer of butter then stacked with another cake. The second and third cakes were given layers of butter topped with layers of raspberry perserves. The fourth pancake I ate, to make sure the first three were coming out alright. They were. The fifth cake, oh the fifth cake was the top of the tower and I poured a generous amount of Oakland, CA wild mountain honey over it. (While honey resembles syrup, kind of, the taste and thick consistency is very different from sugary sweet maple syrup.)
Then, I ate fork-load after fork-load with all the layers smashed up together.
This is how I express myself through pancakes.


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