4/13: Yoga News

Lots on Yoga:

1. Emrys Tetu sent me this blog entry about a yoga student she is teaching over Skype! This, I think is a very awesome idea. Read about it!

2. Wall Street Journal reports on yoga in schools. I just wanted to highlight the counter argument in this report, which states: “Some doctors, meanwhile, agree that yoga for kids can be beneficial—but they say it’s not as revolutionary as its boosters argue. Kathi Kemper, a professor at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, says children’s yoga helps with cardiovascular fitness and cognitive development. But she says you can get the same benefits from other common exercises, such as ballet or weight lifting, by focusing on your breathing while you’re working out and setting aside time to breathe deeply and relax afterward.”

While I totally agree with what Kemper points out here, I think if the reality is that ifyou can get a whole classroom to practice yoga together, then why not do it. I cannot imagine a third grade class breaking to practice weight lifting or ballet together.

3. Laurie Jordan outlines the benefits of yoga for children, even if you just practice at home.

4. Here is a post I wrote last year about teaching Yoga Workshops for high school students at the Met School in Providence, RI.

5. Here is another post I wrote last year about teaching kids yoga- Try It— at the YMCA in Barrington, RI

Find Inner Lightness

I could teach you yoga too!

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acekidace@gmail.com if you are in the Oakland area and would like some yoga classes, or if you want to try out a Skype yoga practice!


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