Photoshoot: Yoga self-portraits

A recent comment reads, “You’re looking beautiful in your demo photos! You must have either an amazing photographer, or be really really good at jumping into posture!”

Can I be frank, and also provide you with a hilarious photo?

First, thank you for the compliment and the first comment on the Yoga-Ace blog!

Second, I do not have another person photographing these postures, I am in fact “really good at jumping into posture!” However, you will notice that the complexity of most of these postures is on the mild side. That bind in extended side angle– that has been the most difficult self-portrait, and it took about a million shots.

The same night that I took that photo, I also tried to take a photo of myself in Bird of Paradise. Here is the result (please notice facial expression):

Bird of Paradise-Lost


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4 Responses to Photoshoot: Yoga self-portraits

  1. allthingsace says:

    And I you! Hey, would you like to be added to the list of Wellness Friends, ye massage therapist?

  2. lightdeluge says:

    I was noticing your lovely self portraits yesterday at work (as I used your poses ideal for those of us in offices). Wish I could help you take some photos! Or are you headed out here soon?

    • allthingsace says:

      Omg Rainbow! A yoga photoshoot with you would be amazing! I am coming to the East in like 2 days! I’ll call you when I get there to see if there is any time we might be able to do some photographing!
      Also, I am so happy to hear that you are trying out the short sequences! I’ll continue to post more, and I hope you keep practicing, even if it is just a little bit each day!

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