Skill share: Yoga & Photography in the park

Skill share: Yoga and Photography in the park

Last week I travelled to my second home in Providence, Rhode Island. I took a flight that landed me in Boston at 1am, but I was bright eyed and bushy tailed for the next morning because I was teaching a private session in exchange for a photoshoot with one of my lovely friends Ellie Leonardsmith. You may recognize this name because I just added a link to her photography website.

Ellie and I spent about 45 minutes working through the sun salutations and targeting her low back. Ellie, also known as Bleeding Rainbow, plays roller derby for Providence Roller Derby so she is a real athlete using serious muscles! Our session was great, complete with a take-home packet of about 5 short sequences, illustrated and designed just for her.

In exchange, after our session Ellie took some yoga photos for me for this blog– per our conversation in the comments of some previous posts. It was great fun moving through poses in the morning sunshine as Ellie snapped away.

I have to say, this skill share was an amazing experience, so much fun to hang out with Ellie to help her increase her flexibility and tend to her hard working muscles; and in exchange I get to be photographed in an effort to keep this blog articulate and illustrative! Amazing!

Do you have any skills you would like to share or exchange for a yoga session? Leave a comment below about any experience you have had sharing and exchanging skills with your friends. Or leave a request!



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