My own Ganesha

Last weekend I acquired my very own Ganesha, a ubiquitous symbol in yoga studios and well known as the remover of obstacles. It is uncharacteristic for me to find any consolation in symbols, although having spent my early years in Catholic school I have always been drawn, aesthetically, to symbols and imagery. In any case, I decided to bring home my very own Ganesha because as part of my move to California I promised myself I would keep my life simple, taking life day by day. However, many wonderful things have come my way and I thought Ganesha might assist in my decision making process and keep me from getting distracted or overwhelmed.

Just this week I am finding that tiny brass statue is serving as a passive reminder of the obstacles, or decisions I have to make – that we all have to make – everyday. Ganesha reminds me not to forget or to avoid the big things, and small things, that require my attention. By giving my attention to these things – these obstacles – I can consciously overcome them. And by serving as a reminder, Ganesha holds true to his reputation as the remover of obstacles.

Making a decision can seem HUGE and DIFFICULT. In my experience and through the diligent wisdom of my parents, I have realized that facing your obstacles head-on is the best way to get to know them and therefore be able to informatively evaluate how to overcome them.

I dig it.

What helps you overcome obstacles? Is there a Ganesha in your life?


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