Unprocessed Challenge for October

September is wrapping up and I am preparing for the Unprocessed Challenge, hosted by Andrew Wilder, over at Eating Rules.

Since my yoga teacher training, which began a year ago this October, I have adhered to a vegan diet. During this year I have reaped the benefits — more energy, more regularity, elevated mood, etc. — that a vegan diet has to offer. Most notably, sticking to a vegan diet has partnered beautifully with my yoga practice.

Maintaining consciousness about what I put into my body reminds me that this is the only one I have and I better keep it healthy, not only by stretching it out, but also by nurturing in from the inside.

The Unprocessed Challenge adds an extra element to my vegan diet and poses the question, what defines unprocessed foods?

Here is Wilder’s answer:
Unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with readily available, whole-food ingredients.

Wilder suggests “The Kitchen Test.” If a food with a label has ingredients you wouldn’t normally use in your kitchen, then it is processed. Easy enough! Find out more about the definition of unprocessed foods here.

Are you interested in taking the challenge? Like all things, don’t let this become a burden or something you dread. Make a choice, and maybe you decide to cut your intake of processed food by a percentage, or you take one day out of the week to be extra mindful about steering clear of processed foods. Whatever you do, as Wilder points out, take this as an exercise in awareness. This is not a diet, this is not a paved route to enlightenment. This is a way of discovering something about yourself!

Any questions about the Unprocessed Challenge? Leave me a comment or visit Eating Rules.

Want to sign up for the challenge? Sign up here.

Join myself and over 2,000 others who have already pledged to take the challenge! I’ll be updating regularly on my progress and expanding upon the discussions from Eating Rules here! Stay tuned, its going to be a challenging month!


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