Best stretches to wake up to

Are you a morning person? Whether you are or you aren’t, waking up with a few opening stretches can be a great way to start your day! Ease into starting a morning practice with these simple moves that will open you up from head to toe.

Downward Facing Dog: A classic wake-up pose to get your breath moving along the spine and to open up the back of your sleepy hamstrings.

Three-legged dog: Continue to open up the legs while flexing the foot of your lifted leg and press your heel away from you hip, lengthening and stretching.

Can opener: I am not sure if that is the official name of this awesome hip opener, but I like it! Roll the hip of your lifted leg so that it stacks on the other, bending at the knee let the weight of the leg draw your hip open.

Around the world: This is amazing, if you are feeling up to it in the grog of the dawn, this pose is sure to wake you right up. From your can opener pose, draw your lifted leg open even more and while pivoting ever so slightly on your planted palm, flip your dog!

Warrior I: Greet the day with your best self, find Warrior I early in the morning and find the strength to move through your day with compassion and patience.

Humble Warrior: Practice humble warrior in the morning to clear your mind of any expectations you may have for the day. Sometimes I wake up with a laundry list of tasks for myself and I find when I cannot complete those tasks I feel like a failure, but really it is just that my list was too long, my expectations were unreasonable.

From your Warrior I draw the hands behind you and interlace the fingers at your low back, bring the shoulder blades together, and open the heart in preparation for acceptance.

Finally, move slowly into humble warrior, allow your heart to lead you as you fold forward bringing your forehead towards the earth. Allow the interlaced knuckles to draw over your head towards the earth as well, only as far as is comfortable.

Practice on both sides for maximum invigoration! End your practice with child’s pose or your favorite passive pose, and then start your day feeling awake and refreshed!




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8 Responses to Best stretches to wake up to

  1. Apple says:

    These are great! At some point I’m going to get my ass out of bed earlier enough to actually try them instead of frantically hitting snooze for that extra 10 minutes 😉

  2. allthingsace says:

    Apple, thanks so much for the comment! I love the snooze button too! This post was intended for me just as much as for anyone else. Sometimes just thinking about shorter sequences makes the prosepect of practice a lot less intimidating esp. at 6am! Also, going upside down is good for you brain you little bookworm! xoxo

  3. Were these pics taken at the armory park in PVD? It looks like it! Love them 🙂

  4. Lzim says:

    I use these on my lunch break too! Very good for combating the effects of furniture!

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