Unprocessed Challenge – Day 2

There is mad chatter on the Twitter about the Unprocessed Challenge. The first challenge was starting this challenge on a weekend, the most likely days for me to grab food on the go and eat out.

Saturday was great, a yoga class and a delicious, unprocessed dinner of vegetables and rice prepared by my lovely man friend.

Sunday, a little tougher. I did have an amazing unprocessed breakfast at Boot & Shoe – heirloom tomato, avocado and arugula on toast with a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt. This evening however, was a little more challenging. Since some friends came to visit I went to The Front Porch, a charming little restaurant/bar in San Francisco, actually I think it was the perfect place to take a pair of out-of-towners. Although I do think my entree of sauteed vegetables was unprocessed, I am pretty sure something about the fried pickles were processed. This is me being aware!

In conclusion, the weekend was a challenge itself. However, what is proving to be the most help are the ideas and recipes surfacing on Twitter. Check out this Storify bit that I threw together with some of my favorite Tweets of today!

[View the story “Unprocessed Challenge Day 2” on Storify]


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