Three-week update: Back injury, #unprocessed challenge & running

Back Injury:

Three weeks ago tomorrow I pulled quite a few, maybe all of the muscles in my back during roller derby practice. I do like to reserve this writing space for yoga related things, so I am going to tell you that without my practice, both before and after the injury occurred, I do not think I would be feeling as “back to normal” as I feel already.

The best poses for this injury have been:
1. Standing forward fold, this stretch is always so wonderful for opening up, not just the low back but also all of those strings of muscles that flow along the back of the legs, behind the knees, down the calves and into the achilles.

2. Child’s pose. Beginning with wide child, keeping the knees almost as wide as the mat and progressively bringing them in, and stretching the fingertips overhead lets the spine elongate and melts the Erector spinae away from the spinal cord.

3. Spinal twisting, while lying on the floor. I think I could hang out in this pose forever. Put on some music and begin to follow your breathing, in and out, in and out , letting the rhythm open you up.

#Unprocessed Challenge:

I have to admit, this really is a challenge. I am finding that it is actually easier for me to stick with the challenge during the work week by bringing my lunch, which usually consists of a salad, a sandwich and some kind of nuts or vegetable snack item. The biggest challenge to this is going to restaurants, it is very difficult to know where everything comes from and in order to avoid a situation like the one below, I usually just order a salad and hope all is well.

Aside from this, I am really learning a lot about making pasta salads, barley salads and olive oil!


In lieu of not being able to skate, in order to practice moving around fast I started to run. I have to say yoga and running are probably the greatest friends to one another. Also, if you are thinking about starting running, but need some motivation, or if you are a runner and are in a slump, I would highly recommend reading Haruki Murakami’s pseudo-memoir,  What I talk about when I talk about running. Not only is Murakami’s take on running fascinating, it is also really a story about dealing, everyday with tiny obstacles, something everyone faces, but may not always acknowledge. Physical practice, whether it is running or yoga elevates these obstacles to a kinetic level, giving us an opportunity to practice dealing with them so that when they arrive in different forms we can approach challenges with the tools we have cultivated through physical practice; tools such as determination, endurance, both mental and physical and personal acceptance.

Hope everyone out there is doing well. Have you added anything to your daily routine lately? Have you read any good books?

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