Relationships take work: Don’t go to bed angry with your body

They say that to keep a relationship/marriage successful, never go to bed angry. Does this apply to our relationship with our bodies? The answer is yes.

Today a pain welled up in the tendon behind my knee, no doubt a result of wearing new shoes and walking more than usual for the past 48 hours. All day I ignored it. I continued to walk on it and told myself that tomorrow it would be fine, if I just wore different shoes.

When I finally returned to my house this evening I removed my shoes, anxious to just climb into bed and hope the pain would take care of itself. Instead, I decided to sit down with my body, beginning in child’s pose and work this out before going to bed.

In an effort to come to agreeable terms with my body I moved through a simple series &mash; sunsalutations A and B, as well as some heart opening poses. When I grounded back into child’s pose for some resting breaths, the pain that was initially harrassing the back of my knee had completely subsided. Similar to the way you shake out an Etch-a-Sketch, the pain which felt like its own entity, faded into nothing.

I ended my short and simple practice with an even shorter and simpler moment of gratitude. I am grateful for taking the time to address my ailments, instead of ignoring the pain that was putting a strain on my personal relationship with my body.

When I do not feel strong, when I feel pain, it affects the way I engage with the world. I know I am the best Mary Smith when I take care of the one body I have been given.

Next time you feel pain or experience any sort of physical discomfort, take a moment to identify how it is affecting your relationship with your body. The time you spend getting to know your physical self will shed light on the way you get to know other aspects of your self.

Try it and see. Let me know what you discover in the comments below!


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