Vote YogaAce for Most Fascinating Blog of 2012!

accelerated degree

Last week I was nominated for my first blog award! My post from last fall, Best stretches to wake up to, got me this nomination and I have all of my blog readers to thank for it! According to the company hosting the competition, Accelerated Degree Programs, your presence and your comments made this post a success, earning me the nomination!

Today, using Google+, you can vote for my blog as The Most Fascinating Blog of 2012 in the category of Yoga Teachers. Here’s how:

  • Go to this Google+ page
  • Find the category (listed as a post): Most Fascinating Yoga Teacher Blog of 2012.
  • Expand the comments section and you will see the url It is towards the bottom of the list because the list is in alphabetical order.
  • Click +1 to vote!

I hope you will take a minute to vote for my blog!

Also, I cannot hlep but acknowledge that I have been a bit absent from my yoga blog for the past few months. Despite the myriad of excuses I could list, I would instead like to say that this nomination makes me really excited and invigorated to get back into yoga blogging on a regular schedule.

That being said, in addition to asking you to vote for me, I also promise to dedicate more time to my blogging. Thank you for your support and readership!


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