Review: Rusty Wells at Urban Flow San Francisco, CA

Before I left Providence, RI to move to California, my friend Alison, who owns Shri-Studio in Pawtucket, told me that I have to try a class with Rusty Wells. So, almost two years later, I finally got a chance to make it to one of his classes at Urban Flow, which is right down the street from where I live!

First of all, Urban Flow is a yoga studio business model I absolutely love — it is donation based. However, the sign when you first walk in that says “Suggested donation: $12-22,” puts the pressure on a little hotter than somewhere like Yoga to the People where I’ve never seen a dollar sign. Regardless, I appreciate the intent and I think if you really did want to just drop $5, that would be totally fine.

The class was huge, there must have been at least 50 people in the second story studio. Bright hard-wood floors and lots of windows kept the room warm for 90 minutes of Power Vinyasa. Dudes, it got hot! I can’t be sure if the heat was on or not, but seriously, I haven’t sweat like that since I practiced Hot Yoga in Florida, almost seven years ago!

Throughout the class, I found myself really appreciating the sequencing. Wells has been at this a long time and it shows. He challenges you (hella pushups!), but also acknowledges that not doing something can be just as challenging. My take-away from Wells’s class is this little mantra:

Still body, clear mind, open heart.

Learn more about Urban Flow in this video:


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