Have you smiled today?


I just taught my first class in over four months. It was so fun to be sharing my practice again! One of my favorite things to request from students is a smile.

During your practice, think about flashing a smile when you reach your edge. Whether the pose is a new one or one you’ve been practicing for years, try a smile and see how it makes you feel. I recently smiled in crow pose and I felt giddy!

Smiling during your practice is a good way to remind yourself that yoga is love. Your practice helps you heal, to acknowledge yourself and your body and ultimately to develop you as a happy, healthy being in the world. It is called a practice because you are not performing and there is nobody to impress. You do not have to feel guilty if you cannot reach as far as you did the day before. Every practice is a beautiful moment you have taken for yourself, so smile.


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4 Responses to Have you smiled today?

  1. SandySays1 says:

    Getting back to something you love does make you smile a while!

  2. ubiquityyoga says:

    I teach that to my students. In warriror pose I will tell them to exhale and lift the corners of their mouth. We are warriors I say, not worriers. It always brings a bigger smile.

  3. allthingsace says:

    @ubiquityyoga, I love that!

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