How yoga helps active-duty service memebers

In June I posted about the effects of yoga on PTSD. Earlier this week on the Huffington Post, Rob Schware interviewed Master Sergeant Chris Eder, the Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness public Affairs Officer and Staff Yoga Director. Eder has taught yoga to service members in Baghdad and is an advocate for using yoga as a treatment for PTSD:

I hope yoga will become a mainstream option for PTSD treatment. I know there is a time and place for pills, but pills should be used to initially get the “warrior” in the right direction… yoga should be the treatment plan. Pills often mask or dull symptoms… never treat or cure.

Eder also notes the challenges he faces getting men on the mat, but acknowledges that his experience having “walked a mile in their shoes” goes a long way. I applaud Eder for the work he’s doing to promote yoga as a healing method for the service community.


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