Happy Hour Yoga – Fridays at Square One Yoga Collective

Going to yoga class on the weekend can be a challenge. A few years back, I starting attending a two-hour Saturday, late afternoon Vinyasa class at my home studio Eyes of the World in Providence, RI. The first couple of weeks were rough, getting to class on a Saturday felt like I was giving something up — the chance to be with my friends or to go away for a long weekend. But real soon, I began to look forward to those two hours, especially because in that amount of time you can really dig in to your practice. Those two hours became what I looked forward to on the weekends.

How do you feel about going to yoga class on the weekend, more specifically on a Friday? When Friday rolls around, finding your way to your mat might be the last thing you want to think about. However, starting your weekend off with a Friday evening yoga class may be a good way to begin the practice of staying mindful throughout the weekend. After all, for many of us, weekends are the only days we have to ourselves, so staying present is key to getting the most out of those precious days.

Starting tomorrow I will be teaching a Friday evening “Happy Hour” Vinyasa class from 5:30-7:00pm at Square One Yoga Collective. I’m really looking forward to this class because it will be 90 minutes, giving students a chance to get in a bit more breathing and asana practice.

Tell me about your weekend yoga practice in the comments below. Do you look forward to it? Do you dread it and then feel happy you went? Would you go to a Friday yoga class?


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2 Responses to Happy Hour Yoga – Fridays at Square One Yoga Collective

  1. kwarren1970 says:

    Good luck with your class. I’ve been to yoga and wine on a Friday night. We did a nice long vinyasa class followed by wine and snakes out on the pool deck. It was popular.

  2. allthingsace says:

    Thanks! Wine and snacks after a class sounds heavenly!

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