Finding balance in October

October here in the East Bay has been uncharacteristically warm, not that I’m complaining! As an East Coast native, I tend to love October, it is the height of fall — right between summer (too hot) and winter (too cold). To me autumn exudes seasonal balance, giving you a moment to recover from the heat of the summer and prepare for the drop in temperature that accompanies the winter. However, California is a little different, but not entirely. October still swoops in to make me recall the haunt of winter when it gets cold, rainy and dark. But looking at the season changes more proactively, October can signify a moment where by maintaining balance and consistency in your life and in your yoga practice, you can continue to feel the benefits all through the winter.

In my personal thought process on balance, I wonder, how can my practice continue to grow alongside my teaching? For starters, I recently returned to my beloved yoga class on Monday and Wednesday mornings. As it is often said, experience is the best teacher. In September I spent a lot of time with my nose in the books — now it is time to practice, to experience all that the teachers have to say.

As for teaching, I recently received my very own business cards, designed by the great Caitlin Murphy. And this month at Type A Yoga, I will be teaching an additional Thursday night Beginning Vinyasa class to pair with my existing Tuesday night Beginning Vinyasa class. Now you can practice the basics twice as much!

As October marches on, I’ll share what I’m learning about balance, both in practice and in life.

What are you thoughts on October? What poses help you find balance?


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