Thank You Athletes and An Answer to a Student’s Question

Thank you for sharing your practice!

Thank you for sharing your practice!

A heartfelt thank you to all of the athletes who came for my February workshop – Going the Distance: Yoga for Athletes.

Designing a workshop is a lot different than planning a yoga class, particularly when you are teaching a group of people who may be unfamiliar with yoga. My goal for this workshop was not only to share with students why I find a yoga practice beneficial to my athletics but also to share the information I have found that supports the case for athletes practicing yoga. I wanted students to walk away feeling convinced that yoga is something that they can do to cross train, — in support of their sport — to enhance their performance and to recover.

After our practice students asked a number of very intelligent questions including: how long should I practice and how frequently? The answer: it depends on your athletic training. If sports are what you do, yoga will be an excellent compliment to help you recover safely after competition and reduce the risk of injury, especially during the build up stage of your training. Specifically, during the building stages of your training, athletes have to be mindful not to move to fast and remember that consistency is key.

If you are training by yourself or with a group, taking an extra 10-15 minutes before a run or bike ride to do a dynamic warm up that includes stretching — read: yoga — will warm up your muscles. Additionally, a warm up gives you a chance to check in with your body. Where am I experiencing tightness? Do I have any aches or pains today? Does any area of my body need some special attention before my workout? By checking in with your body and addressing those areas that need attention, you will not only keep yourself from getting injured, but you will be able to perform with the piece of mind that your body is prepared for the work it is doing.

Thank you again to everyone who came to learn and share their practice. Looking forward to leading this workshop again!




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