Yoga for the Kidos

Oh to be a kid again! My trademark move as a kid was headstand up the stairs. It was my default position when I felt uneasy, embarrassed or just bored. I used to flip upside down and drape my back up along the carpeted five stair and feel… invisible.

Movement has always been a way for me to get out of my head. A few weeks ago I remembered this about myself when my partner and I went to her little cousin’s preschool to share yoga with the class. Teaching those kidos to breath and move was so much fun and hilarious. I didn’t go into the class with a solid plan, since kids are hard to predict, but I was pleasantly surprised when they all participated in an opening breathing practice. After these exercises it was a lot easier to hold their attention for the 15 short minutes of our session.

Here are a few pictures of the class:

ParkerYoga2 ParkerYoga3 ParkerYoga4


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