Sedona, AZ, Where do you Handstand?

photo (2)

As you may know, I had surgery to remove part of my meniscus and repair the other part of it. It’s been an entire three months since my surgery and I am still working on getting my full range of motion back. Yoga has been an important outlet for me because I haven’t been able to roller skate or run since the surgery. Needless to say, my yoga has changed. No malasana for a while, and still no virasana, pigeon, lotus or child’s pose. Instead, I’ve been focusing a lot on building my upper body at the gym to drum up my arm balance practice and get back to my favorite inversion, handstand.

Handstands are great because you can do them in the studio or anywhere! Last month when I was on my mini vacation in Arizona, I did a lot of handstands outside — the playful side of yoga. And this weekend I’ll be taking Jonathan Rickert’s workshop, Handstands 101 at Flying Yoga!

Where do you handstand? Send your pictures to and I’ll make a collage!

Peace out girl scouts!



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