Vinyasa Yoga Teaching

After practicing yoga off and on throughout college as a means to relieve stress and anxiety, Mary decided to deepen and share her practice by completing the 200-hr. yoga teacher training course at Eyes of the World in Providence, RI with Tom Gillette in September 2010.

As a teacher I encourage both new and experienced yoga practitioners to cultivate curiosity, awareness and acceptance of their physical bodies by guiding students towards an increasingly mindful practice through breath work (pranayama) and postures (asana).

Here is what some of my students have to say:

I’ve taken several classes with Mary and have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions with her.  Since classes are small and more intimate, it allows you, the yogi to work 1:1 with Mary on technique and learn new poses.  She can easily tailor the class to your needs.

-Jen, San Francisco Yogini

I love Mary’s yoga classes.  I’ve been practicing yoga for over ten years and she is a knowledgeable, thoughtful instructor.  Her classes have great flow and incorporate the body and the mind. Mary creates a very peaceful environment that can be appreciated by every yoga goer.

-Karen, Providence, RI Yogini

Mary is really really really wonderful. Her voice is even soothing! She made me feel comfortable even though I was nervous about trying something new. It was very challenging to physically do the poses and focus on breathing and balancing and all that, but Mary was attentive and able to help each of her students.

-Andrea, San Francisco Yogini


2/22/2014: Strong Integrated Core w/ Jason Crandall

Urban Flow Yoga, San Francisco

2/16/2014: In Parts the Whole: Spine with Harvey Deutch

Yoga Tree, San Francisco

1/4/2014: Floating and Inverting with Cameron Shayne

Yoga Tree, San Francisco

11/17/2013: Yoga for Your Knees with Sean Haleen

Yoga Tree, San Francisco

11/16/2013: Advancing your Practice: Inversions with Mark Silva

Square One Yoga Collective, Emeryville, CA

11/2012: “Heartcore Yoga,” with Stephanie Snyder

Namaste, Oakland, CA (I blogged about this workshop here)

11/2011: “Restorative Yoga with Healing Body Work,” with Jeff Brown, CMT, Namaste, Oakland, CA (I blogged about this workshop here)

06/2011: “Para Yoga: Sun, Moon, Fire,” Urban retreat with Rod Stryker, Namaste, Oakland, CA

04/2011: “The Pelvic Floor: Demystifying Down There,” Leslie Howard, Namaste, Oakland, CA

02/2011: “Detox and Purify, Pete Guinosso,” Namaste, Oakland, CA

01/2011: “The Power of Mindfulness,” Naushon Kabat-Zinn, Namaste, Oakland, CA

09/2010: “Mindfulness in Action: Form & Alignment,” Shannah Green, Eyes of the World, Providence, RI

08/2010: Buddhism and Yoga,Christopher Baxter, Eyes of the World, Providence, RI


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